News - 2020









It's soon Halloween again and 2nd Halloween bottling is coming. It will be the last bottling in small 250ml bottles. Next year something new will be bottled for Halloween.


Baby Brook Halloween 2020:


  • Fresh oak
  • Cider barrel
  • Natural smoke aroma
  • Light caramel taste





The third edition of my whisky is a single malt that was filled into a first fill port wine barrel on the occasion of the birth of our son (J.S.).



After a maturation time of 43 months it has now been bottled at a strength of 54% vol, and the bottle will be available in my online shop for a price of 50€ at the end of the month.




SWEET-BROOK is the name of the new product.

It is the first bottling that will be regularly available in the shop.


A single malt spirit matured in oak, refined with organic maple syrup. It is filled in 0.5 liter bottles and with 17% vol. 




The new bottling will be available on Monday evening for 50€ here in the online shop.





Goodbye old distillery, hello new distillery.


This bottling will consist of two 0.5L bottles, each with 50% Vol New Spirit.

The bottle on the left contains the last New Spirit of the small distillery and the bottle on the right contains the first New Spirit of the new distillery. 




Here is the label of the new White-Brook Winter Edition 2020!


This bottling is a mixture of single malt and corn spirit, matured in a New- and PX- barrel, provided with winter spices and a trace of caramel.


The bottles will be available in the online shop for 30€ at the end of the week.