Cask  Sharing - Laphroaig

Are you interested in one or more bottles of a 10 year old Small-Brook Whisky?

Then you  now have the opportunity to secure shares of a Laphroaig cask that will be filled later this year.

Production of the spirit will begin in October 2022.

A share includes the following services:

  • 1 bottle of whisky at cask strength after 10 years of storage, at 0,5L.*
  • One certificate per share.
  • The bottles are numbered consecutively.
  • The offer is limited to 100 shares of this production.
  • The shareholders receive regular information about the maturation and development of the whisky over the entire periode.


  • Each buyer has the right to multiple shares.
  • The purchase of shares CANNOT be cancelled, and the payment is not refundable.
  • The shares may be transferred to another person, and the new owner will then beissued a new personalised certificate.
  • The certificates will be sent after receipt of payment.
  • The respective shares will NOT be filled earlier.
  • By purchasing the shares, you automatically agree to the general terms and conditions.

After 10 years:

  • The shares are bottled and labeled by the distillery.
  • Each buyer will be contacted and can either collect their bottles or have them sent to their address at the postage costs applicable at the time.

Price: €75 per share

Small-Brook Whisky (10yo)

75,00 €

*Should the tast of the spirit in the cask move in a bad taste direction over the years, the Whisky can be moved in another cask. In this case, the sharholders will be informed.